Welcome to this opportunity to build your dream home or estate on the rugged East Coast of Newfoundland and Labrador while at the same time preserving the natural beauty of this protected area. Located at the north end of Doran’s Lane as it merges into Cobler’s Path and the East Coast Trail in Logy Bay, NL (and south of the Torbay Point) this parcel of land, with an expanse of almost 24 acres, affords an opportunity to establish your home or estate with a spectacular view of the untapped nature that abounds in the area of land that is zoned residential, while at the same time preserving the local habitat and wildlife with ownership of the vast expanse of land that is zoned as conservation/open space. Abutting on the East Coast Trail offers opportunity to explore nature and the magnificent coastline and then relaxing as you enjoy the spectacular sunsets with your east coast view.

Area Map